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Tenant – How to pay your rent & water bills

It is important to remember that paying your rent is just like paying any other bill, if you do not pay then serious consequences will follow.

Many people do not realise that your payment ledger can be used to support your credit rating for a home loan, car loan or even a new mobile phone account. Therefore it is important to be aware of your payment options and what is expected of you one you sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement (Note: the Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legal and binding document).

Ray White Thirroul offers 3 options to pay your rent – all are electronic as we are a cashless office.

  1. Set up a direct deposit in person at your local bank using our account details – please only use the agent number provided to you
  2. Set up a direct deposit via your net bank application using our account details – please only use the agent number provided to you
  3. Using a bank book provided by this agency

**When paying your water bill please pay it as a separate amount to your rent and use any of the above 3 methods, please remember to use your agent number.

As stated above the Agreement is legal and binding, therefore you are required to pay rent weekly, fortnightly or monthly. For reference,  if your lease start date is Saturday, 1st June 2014 the next payment needs to be in our account on Friday, 6th June 2014 and so on. It is preferred that you remain 2 weeks in advance, this is a financial buffer for yourself and the Landlord in case something does go wrong.

If you are seeking repairs to your proeprty that have not been met, DO NOT stop paying your rent, contact the office and speak with the property manager. If you stop paying your rent for any reason, it will result in a breach of your Agreement and a Notice to Vacate for Non Payment of Rent.

Ray White Thirroul has ZERO TOLERANCE for Rent Arrears. Below is the timeline of events that will occur with tenants who fail to pay on time.

CATEGORY                      TIME ELAPSED                   REMINDER NOTICE

Category 1                             1 – 3 days                                     Letter

Category 2                            4 – 7 days                                    Phone call and reminder letter

Category 3                           8 – 14 days                                   Notice to Vacate for Non Payment of Rent